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What’s up with e-cigarettes blowing up?Protected Batteries

The story everyone has heard about the man who had an e-cigarette blow up in his face needs some clarification. This guy was using a modified battery setup in a tube-based mod. He was also using batteries with no circuit protection. On top of that, he was using a method known as “stacking batteries” where he put two batteries together in series to achieve increase voltage. To sum it up, this guy was stupid. This type of event has to my knowledge never occurred with a typical e-cig or the Ego-type setups (which have protection circuits built-in). This protects against common dangers, such as overcharge, overdischarge, short-circuit (overcurrent), and temperature. For more information on battery safety please read this link.


Why should I choose a mod over an e-cig?E-Cigarette Diagram

As you know with your current e-cigarette, it consists of a battery and a cartridge. There’s nothing more to it. The battery heats the coil up in the cartridge and produces water vapor that you inhale. When the battery or cartridge dies you swap them out with fresh ones. The form factor of the e-cig is one of its best traits but also one of its worst enemies.

The standard e-cig battery has 90 milliamps hour or 90 mAh for short. Compare that to the smallest Ego-type battery that’s 350 mAh. This means through normal vaping you’ll be changing the battery every two hours or so. The other problem is that this small amount of power cannot give you the full power of the battery for the duration of the charge. Your draws will decline in vapor production and flavor delivery as the battery life fades. Compare that with a regulated battery that gives over 10x the battery life of the standard e-cig battery, lasts for days, and performs flawlessly on every draw until there isn’t enough power in the battery to deliver the same consistent vape.